Facts & figures of our Brussels office

The Cathedral
Martine Jacques, senior secretary in Brussels: “The Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula stands at the crossroads of two important very old roads, linking what is nowadays Flanders and Wallonia. It’s one of the oldest constructions in the city centre. Since the Middle-Ages, as early as the 9th century, this site has been a place of prayer.

The first stone of the current Gothic building was laid in 1226. But it took another 250 years before it was completed. This explains why the building has such a rich variety of Gothic elements. During the centuries after that, a succession of major renovations and restorations have taken place.

Between 1930 and 1950, the Brussels authorities decided to build a large underground railway connection in the area of the Cathedral. They took advantage of the works to demolish several streets and hundreds of buildings in the historical centre of Brussels. Luckily, the Cathedral was preserved.”

Martine continues: “Around 2000, the building underwent a large restoration with all respect for the historical authenticity of the medieval construction. The Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula has now been restored to its former splendour. It’s a pure Gothic monument, with Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Modern elements. And last but not least, behind the Cathedral one can still see a very well preserved part of the first fortification of Brussels, that protected the Cathedral and the city in the Middle-Ages. Both are treasures in the city of Brussels!


Our office building is located in the Royal Quarter, next to the Parc Royal and the Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula. Koloniënstraat also leads into the famous Wetstraat with its numerous EU office buildings. Public transport is conveniently close, with the central railway station and metro as well as taxi stands within walking distance.

The Building
The building was completely renovated and extended in 1995. The central part of the building includes an atrium of 10 x 10 metres starting from the second floor. The atrium reaches the sixth floor and is closed off by a glass dome roof. On the ground floor, there are commercial spaces. There are eight office floors and five underground parking levels. AKD rents 1103 square meters in the building.